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Leading Alcohol Detox Facility

Our alcohol detox facility offers a private detoxification experience for clients seeking recovery from alcohol. Our on-site medical staff supervises the alcohol detox center to ensure clients are detoxing safely and healthily. Our recovery support staff is also dedicated to assisting each of our detox clients with any needs, requests, or concerns they may have.

At our detox facilities for alcohol treatment, we stress the importance of taking a holistic approach to alcohol recovery. As a result, our medical staff and recovery support team understand that each individual client is a unique person who deserves customized care and treatment. Our holistic approach to detoxification recognizes that recovery must be tailored to suit each client’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.

Customized Alcohol Detox and Recovery Plans

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Our alcohol detoxification center strives to create customized alcohol recovery plans tailored to the needs of each individual client. Our recovery support staff works one-on-one with each client after he or she has detoxed to create a plan that will assist in maintaining lifelong sobriety from alcohol in order to ensure the best treatment possible for each of our clients.

A Serene Alcohol Detox Center in PA’s Rural Countryside

Our alcohol detox facilities in PA are situated on 15 acres of sprawling, green hills that are as relaxing as they are private. When it comes to ensuring a recovery process free of distractions, we go above and beyond the standards of what people tend to think of when it comes to alcohol detox centers. To ensure the confidentiality of our exclusive clients, we’ll even arrange a limousine to transport you from the airport to our facility. The Cottage, our ultra-exclusive facility, is also available for high-profile clients who need increased privacy.

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Our Clientele Limit Ensures a Peaceful Detoxification Process

Our alcohol detox center accepts no more than 6 clients at any time. By placing a limit on the number of clientele staying at our facility, we ensure each client’s privacy, space, and detoxification process is treated with the utmost empathy and respect.

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Our alcohol detox facility aims to provide each client with a detox and recovery process with a more customized experience at our alcohol detox facilities. By customizing the detox program to the individual, we do not try to fit individuals into a mold, and address the unique individual’s needs. In addition to the private and semi-private rooms included in our alcohol detox center, our facility also features four lounge areas, a salon, and a swimming pool, among other amenities.

For clients seeking an ultra-exclusive and luxurious detoxification and rehab experience, The Cottage offers just that. Each of the Cottage’s 6 rooms is spacious and elegantly decorated, with private, en-suite baths.

Alcohol Rehab Center

In addition to our alcohol detox program, we offer an alcohol rehab center that you are more than welcome to utilize after the initial detoxification process. Our luxury rehab center offers the same amenities as our detox facilities and also centers on you as an individual while utilizing a holistic approach.

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