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As a holistic, client-focused luxury alcohol detox and rehabilitation center on the east coast, our alcohol detox facility provides individualized treatment to clients suffering from alcoholism and addiction. Our luxury alcohol detox facility will help you heal from the physical, emotional, and spiritual effects of addiction while giving you the support you need to rebuild a healthier lifestyle. At our alcohol detox facility, you can find and sustain your path to sobriety.

Our Luxury Detox Program

Our progressive program takes an individualistic approach to therapy while fostering an environment where our small client community forms strong bonds. The Recovery Support Team at our alcohol detox facility creates rehabilitation plans custom-tailored to the unique needs of each client — an approach the National Institute on Drug Abuse calls the most successful known way to treat alcoholism and addiction.

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Our luxury alcohol detox center is a comprehensive facility that features 24-hour medically supervised detox care, an original music recording studio, multiple art and fitness studios, a gourmet kitchen, and other amenities that support our recovery program.

Spa Surroundings at Our Luxury Alcohol Detox Facility

One of the most utilized amenities we offer is our luxury spa which is available to all clients. You’ll get access to the revolutionary holistic treatment options at the spa, including a heated swimming pool, infra-red saunas and a full-service salon. Feeling pampered and getting personalized attention will help make the detox and recovery process much smoother. Plus, you can feel good about how you are benefitting your body as you move through recovery.

Focusing on Good Nutrition

As a holistic provider of addiction recovery, we believe what you put into your body affects the success of your recovery. Our chefs make delicious, nutrition-rich meals and snacks to your liking. The ultimate goal is to ensure your body is well-prepared for recovery and that no nutrients are lost during detox. Alcohol addiction can deplete you nutritionally, and we want to build you up on the inside and outside.

Art and Music Therapies Provide Centering Opportunities

Our luxury alcohol detox center includes opportunities to explore music and art. Many clients feel these experiential activities help them better understand who they are, why they became addicted to alcohol and what they want for their future. These activities are calming, centering and rewarding — this makes them essential as part of any holistic treatment for addiction.

Personal, Medically-Supervised Detox in a Private Setting

Our clients begin treatment for alcoholism under the expert care of our detox team. We help clients rid their bodies of alcohol toxins safely and thoroughly — we also help them feel more comfortable and less anxious. Our medically-supervised detox includes 24-hour connection to our medical and recovery team members. By following your detox journey closely, we can give you personalized attention and help you progress through the process. Once the earliest days of sobriety end, clients begin an in-depth recovery program that features 10 to 15 individual sessions per week, including some of the most exciting and successful evidence-based therapies known to addiction science today.

You can participate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychotherapy, Fitness Therapy, and Music and Art Therapies, among other. Our luxury alcohol detox center also provides a small client population and offers group therapy, Neurobiofeedback, and other approaches that we believe are best suited for each individual client.

A Holistic Luxury Alcohol Detox Facility

At our alcohol detox facility, the limited number of clients we enroll at one time assures our ability to provide personalized, multidisciplinary care at our alcohol detox facility. Luxury amenities include private and semi-private bedrooms that accommodate up to 17 rehabilitation and 6 detox clients at one time, Massage Therapy, a heated in-ground swimming pool, and beautiful and serene grounds located on 15 acres in the rolling hills of South Central Pennsylvania. We also have an on-site chef who prepares delicious, nutritious meals for you made as you like.

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As clients heal from the damage caused by addiction in our luxurious and private facility, they begin to understand why they became addicted in the first place. They learn how to manage cravings, cope with stress without relying on alcohol, and avoid the warning signs that sometimes precede relapse. You will start to rebuild the trust you once enjoyed with your loved ones, and you will be equipped to enter the world outside rehab with the tools and resources you need to stay sober.

Our Alcohol Detox Facility Can Help You Find Recovery

Our alcohol detox facility is here to answer your questions about alcoholism and addiction recovery. Call our treatment center now at 877-651-6771 for more information.

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