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As a private alcohol detox center, our facility is committed to making sure that each of our clients has plenty of personal space and privacy. For clients going through alcohol detox, we offer several private and semi-private rooms to help each client detox comfortably.

private bedroomsOur alcohol detox facility offers the best experience in terms of detox centers with private rooms because we allow no more than 6 detox clients in our facility at a time. This is essential to providing each client with a comfortable amount of space and enough medical personnel to accommodate each client’s individual needs at any given moment.

Features of Our Private Rooms

Every detox client at our facility has access to our 24/7 team of nurses and physicians. Our world-class medical professionals are highly trained in individualized detox care. At our alcohol detox facility, no two clients are viewed the same because we recognize our clients are unique individuals with different needs. That’s why our private detox center’s philosophy is to provide the most customized detox plans possible to each client in order to create the best recovery process for him or her.

For clients experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms, the medical staff of our private detox center is available to administer fluids and treatments that will make the detox process more comfortable.

In addition to having our nursing staff at their disposal, clients are also provided with in-room WiFi for their convenience. We allow all clients to bring their personal computers or mobile devices with them, but we also provide an on-site business center equipped with computers and a fax machine.

The service at our alcohol detox facility can also provide clients in our detox center with any additional items or information requested. If a client wants a specific product to be brought to the detox center, an item request form can be filled out and our staff will purchase the item for the client. This process not only ensures the client’s comfort, but also his or her confidentiality.

Traveling in Private

In order to provide our clients with the most private alcohol detox experience, we can also arrange a private limousine to transport our wealthy and high-profile clients from the airport to our private detox center. We recommend that these clients consider using York Airport because it provides private landing and departure areas, making it easy for high-profile individuals to disembark from the plane and travel to detox without being noticed.

Moving From Our Private Detox Center to Our Private Rehab

Our alcohol detox facility was created to make the transitional stages of alcohol recovery simple and easy. When clients complete their detox from alcohol, they can continue their private recovery process at our exclusive rehab center. Featuring many amenities and first-class treatment programs, our rehab facility is as top-of-the-line as our private detox facility.

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction to alcohol, please call us today at 1-877-651-6771.

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