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Many people try to complete a cold turkey alcohol detox at home, but the dangers of self detox are greater than you may realize. Unfortunately, attempts to quit alcohol cold turkey are often unsuccessful and alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening.

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Don’t try to detox from alcohol at home. Severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms include delirium tremens (DTs), hallucinations, convulsions, and black outs. All of these health risks can be life-threatening if your detox from alcohol is not overseen by a medical professional.

Delirium Tremens (DTs)

Some of the most alarming dangers of alcohol detox at home are the health risks posed by DTs. Once the onset of DTs has begun, there is no effective medical treatment to stop them. This dangerous process of bodily alcohol withdrawal may begin with body tremors, and progress to severe cardiovascular problems, including heart attacks, stroke, and seizures.

By going to a professional detox facility, many of these alcohol detox at home dangers can be avoided. Alcohol detox professionals may use medicinal aids to help clients gradually detox from alcohol, and medical professionals can monitor detoxing clients for signs of withdrawal. This makes the detox process much safer and healthier for an individual.


One of the milder, but still potentially dangerous, alcohol withdrawal symptoms is hallucinations. These hallucinations most commonly involve seeing things that aren’t really there, but can also expand to include non-existent sounds and smells. People who decide to do an alcohol detox cold turkey may begin experiencing hallucinations in as few as six hours after their last drink. Typically, though, hallucinations occur between six and 48 hours after an alcohol-dependent person has quit drinking.

Hallucinations can be dangerous because the person who is hallucinating may not realize the things they are seeing and hearing are not real, which could result in bodily harm. By seeking help at an alcohol detox facility, alcohol-dependent people can safely detox under the supervision of a professional medical team.

Why Detox Centers Relieve the Dangers of Detox at Home

Detoxing from alcohol at a professional treatment center removes the dangers of self detoxing at home because medical professional have access to treatment methods that can alleviate the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. These treatments are not available to the general public, and so cannot be used when attempting to detox from alcohol at home.

Physicians can give alcohol detox clients medication to counteract the withdrawal symptoms associated with severely alcohol-dependent people. This makes the detoxification process not only safer, but more likely to be successful.

Especially if you are a heavy, long-term drinker, don’t try to quit alcohol cold turkey or try to detox at home. The dangers of alcohol detox at home are too risky for severely alcohol-dependent people. We offer an exceptional alcohol detox program, with no more than six clients at a time. Because we place this limit on the number of people who can detox at once, each client is guaranteed a private, individualized detox experience. In addition, after a client completes alcohol detoxification, he or she can continue recovering from an alcohol addiction in our exclusive rehab center, which helps promote lifelong recovery from addiction.

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