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The decision to quit drinking alcohol can be a difficult one to make. Due to the fact drinking is typically accepted in American culture, it can be difficult for people to admit to themselves that they need to break the habit. However, as soon as the decision is made to stop abusing alcohol, it is important that an alcohol detox program is sought immediately. Detoxing from alcohol is a dangerous process, especially for heavy and long-term drinkers. Our emergency alcohol treatment services will help you safely detox from alcohol.

What to Do in a Detox Emergency

When you or someone you love decides to quit alcohol, contact our emergency detox center immediately. If you contact us online, one of our intake specialists will respond to your email within 12 hours. If your alcohol detox emergency requires immediate attention, we encourage you to call our 24/7 confidential help line.

Emergency Alcohol Help is Available Here

Our emergency detox centers allow no more than 6 detox clients at a single time. We believe that this is the best way to emergency detox clients because it allows our physicians and medical staff to give each individual client the highly attentive and professional care they need. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be incredibly dangerous, and our dedicated alcohol detox professionals must regularly monitor our emergency detox clients and administer treatment as needed. Our private and secluded emergency detox center is located on 15 acres of rural south central PA, an ideal place for detoxing clients to begin their path to recovery.

What is Involved in Our Alcohol Detox Emergency Treatment?

medical care detoxWhen you come to our detox facility for an alcohol detox emergency, our highly trained medical staff will help you gradually cleanse your body of the alcohol it is used to depending on.

This process will include careful monitoring by our team of physicians and medical professionals, who are available 24/7. To counteract the dangerous withdrawal symptoms of alcohol, fluids, vitamins, and withdrawal-reducing medications may be administered to provide a safe alcohol detox experience.

Our exclusive emergency alcohol detox center provides a private, restful place for you to detox from alcohol. Our high staff-to-client ratio ensures that each emergency detox client’s needs are met with efficiency and professionalism at all hours of the day.

What is the Next Step after Emergency Alcohol Detox?

After clients complete the emergency detox process, they can continue recovering from an alcohol addiction at our private alcohol rehab center. Our individualized therapy programs provide customized treatment specific to the needs of each client. Our many luxurious amenities also allow clients to relax and focus on their recovery process without distraction. Our rehab center has a clientele capacity of 17, so clients can be sure that they’ll have plenty of privacy while continuing the recovery process.

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