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Our holistic alcohol detox center provides an all-encompassing approach to alcohol detoxification. By focusing on the mental, physical, spiritual, and social impacts of alcohol addiction, we create highly individualized detox and recovery programs for each detox client.

Characteristics of Our Holistic Detox Facility

At our facility we understand that there are many personal aspects that contribute to each client’s alcohol addiction. That’s why, rather than utilizing a cookie-cutter approach, we are dedicated to helping our detox clients complete their detoxification in a way that best suits their individual needs. Rather than only focusing on the addiction to alcohol, our skilled medical staff also considers each client’s physical and mental health, and what detox procedures are the safest for them.

Our holistic detox center also stresses the importance of a private detox experience. Our holistic detox center in Pennsylvania is located on 15 acres of lush, rural land, and only allows 6 detox clients at any one time. Our detox center has a high staff-to-client ratio, which allows us to provide attentive and individualized care to each of our detox clients at every hour of the day.

Our holistic alcohol rehab center is located within these 15 acres of land as well, and similarly allows just 17 rehab clients at once. When clients complete the detox process, they can choose to continue their recovery at this private rehab center, or they have the option of receiving treatment in our first-class rehab at The Cottage.

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Why Holistic Alcohol Detox Works

The alcohol detox process is unique for every person. However, many detox centers that are not holistic detox facilities miss opportunities to serve their clients on a personal level. Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we offer comprehensive holistic detox in a serene Pennsylvania setting. This enables us to get to know our clients, and address addiction on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

Holistic alcohol detox is a proven way to not only achieve successful detoxification from drugs or alcohol, it can also set the stage for a full recovery. You have the opportunity to immerse yourself in centering activities that can help you reflect on why you became addicted to drugs or alcohol, and how you can work towards a sober lifestyle. This enables you to start fresh after detox has ended.

Physical Activities at our Holistic Detox Center

We believe that a healthy body is important for a healthy recovery; that’s why we include a wide range of physical activities in our holistic detox and recovery process. From basketball, to tennis, to bicycling and swimming, our clients learn how to use physical activity to enjoy free time in a healthy way.

As you begin to involve your muscles, tendons, heart and mind in physical activities during your holistic detox process, you will begin to see positive changes in all aspects of your life. Many clients report that they think more clearly, sleep better and have a stronger sense of who they really are.

Spiritual Activities

Cleanse your mind and relax your body through yoga and Pilates. Our alcohol detox facility also offers acupuncture and deep tissue massages to help calm your mind and make your holistic detox experience more effectual.

Therapy Sessions

Our holistic detox center clients individually meet with therapists and physicians on a regular basis in order to discuss each client’s needs and progress. As clients move through our facility’s holistic recovery process, they also engage in small group therapy sessions that help them voice their accomplishments and problems in a healthy, non-threatening environment.

Mentally Stimulating Activities in Holistic Detox

To keep their minds engaged in healthy activities during their time in our holistic detox center, clients are provided with a number of mentally stimulating activities. Our exclusive rehab facilities include a fully-stocked art studio and a top-of-the-line recording studio. Clients can use these amenities to engage in creative and stimulating work, that will help them structure their time in a healthy way.

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction to alcohol, contact our alcohol detox facility today and begin your path to recovery.

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