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View our luxury alcohol detox facility for yourself. We invite you to take our photo tour and see the relaxing environment and the many exclusive amenities that our facility has to offer. As the best alcohol detox facility on the East Coast, we put a lot of time and dedication into making sure that your experience at our alcohol detox facility is highly individualized and custom tailored to your unique needs.

Our luxury alcohol detox centers are comfortably located on 15 acres of lush, beautiful hills in southern central Pennsylvania. With exceptional privacy and gorgeous scenery, we provide a detoxification environment free from distractions.

After completing a detox from alcohol, clients can also continue their recovery process while staying in our private rehab center.

Amenities of Our Luxury Alcohol Detox Facilities

Our luxury alcohol detox centers include our state-of-the-art recording studio, fully supplied art studios, two infra-red saunas, a massage room, a salon, and much more. By engaging in relaxing and creative activities throughout the detoxification and recovery process, our clients learn how to spend their free time in healthy and productive ways.

The service our staff provides is a true alcohol detox facility luxury. The staff is at your disposal to arrange travel and lodging for your family when they come to visit, and can also assist in setting up family therapy sessions. When clients embark on a day trip, our staff can also provide recommendations for entertainment and dining.

Our alcohol detox facility provides a business center for our clients so business executives and CEOs can easily communicate with their companies. The business center includes a fax machine and computers, but clients can also bring their personal computers and mobile devices with them. Our luxury alcohol detox centers are WiFi enabled so clients can also easily access the internet in the privacy of their own rooms.

Exercise Your Way to Successful Recovery

Alcohol addiction can deplete your body as well as your spirit. Our holistic luxury alcohol detox facilities give you the opportunity to get back to excellent health with a variety of exercise opportunities and programs. You can enjoy golfing, yoga, basketball and personal fitness training while you stay at our world-class center. Not sure which workout regimen is best-suited for your needs? Our recovery support team will help you every step of the way so you can get in shape and embrace activities that will last a lifetime.

Music Soothes and Inspires

The music studio is part of our luxury alcohol detox facility. You can learn to make music, write songs or simply dabble in musical art forms. Even if you have no prior musical background, we encourage you to take advantage of the music programs and workshops available at our rehab center.

Art Provides Beautiful Therapy

Due to our holistic approach to detox and treatment, art therapy is part of the recovery process at our luxury alcohol detox center. Because your art is a personalized representation of your journey, you will discover it can powerfully motivate you. Take the time to enjoy our art studio, and allow yourself to become immersed in artistic and spiritual worlds.

The Cottage – Our Premier Luxury Alcohol Detox Center

The Cottage is a private alcohol detox facility located on the 15 acres of Clarity’s Way’s beautiful scenic property. An exclusive, first-class alcohol detoxification facility, The Cottage offers elegant private rooms with en-suite baths. The Cottage has a clientele capacity of 6 to make sure that our high-profile and executive clients receive the privacy they need and desire.

Clients who go through alcohol detoxification at The Cottage also receive more expansive treatment programs, more individual treatment sessions, and a weekly one-on-one session with our facility’s Medical Director. This luxury alcohol detox facility is customized to meet the unique treatment needs of high-profile clients, wealthy individuals, and high-ranking businesspeople. Our alcohol detox professionals are here to ensure your confidentiality and privacy, as well as address your unique detox and recovery needs.

Individualized Attention and True Privacy

For clients who are exceptionally concerned with maintaining confidentiality, we will provide a limousine to meet you at the airport and privately transport you to one of our luxury alcohol detox centers. All of our luxury alcohol detox facilities have private rooms where you can feel comfortable. While our supportive community allows you to build relationships with other clients, you can also select more personalized care that limits your involvement with other clients. This enables you to recover in the setting most conducive to your long-term success.
If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction to alcohol or other substances, contact our alcohol detox facility today to begin your path to recovery.

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