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We offer both drug and alcohol detox programs. These programs are designed to meet the specific needs of our individual clients, and take into account factors such as physical and mental health, as well as additional drug or alcohol dependencies.  In addition to our detox programs, our facility also offers rehab treatment programs to help clients continue their path to recovery after detox.

Alcohol Detox Programs

Our highly personalized approach to detoxification makes ours the best alcohol detox program in the country. Our team of round-the-clock nurses and physicians are dedicated to making our clients as comfortable as possible during their alcohol detox process.

Private and semi-private rooms are provided for all clients in our detox program. Alcohol detox clients are limited to an occupancy of no more than 6 clients at one time, in order to ensure each client’s comfort and privacy. This also allows our medical staff to efficiently attend to each client’s needs at any moment of the day.

alcohol drug detox

Approaches to alcohol detox may include using medicines to ease the effects of withdrawal and provide clients with a safe detoxification experience. Alcohol detox can be very dangerous, but some medicines have proven to be effective against the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. This greatly reduces the risk of seizures, delirium tremens, and hallucinations in detoxing clients.

Not all clients may require additional medicine, however. Our medical staff thoroughly assesses each client’s specific needs before beginning detox. Our alcohol detox programs offer clients who don’t require medicine a calming and private location where they can detox in peace.

Drug Detox Programs

Our  facility offers drug detoxification programs as well. Much like our alcohol detox programs, drug detox programs are highly specialized to meet the recovery needs of each client. We provide drug detox services for a wide range of substance addictions, including prescription drug addictions, illicit drug addictions, and more.

Drug detox may also require the additional use of medicinal treatment to safely and gradually wean clients off of the drugs their bodies have become dependent on. Detoxing from drugs in this way greatly reduces the risks of life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, and makes the detoxification experience much more comfortable for the client.

Our team of highly experienced physicians works with our drug detox clients to understand the nature of each client’s addictions. Our physicians can then prescribe the best detox methods as tailored to the needs of the individual clients.

Our alcohol detox facility is committed to providing our detox clients with the best chance for lifelong sobriety, that’s why we implement the use of Suboxone to help clients addicted to opiates detox safely. While medicines like ibogaine have been used by many drug detox facilities in the past, we refrain from the use of this medicine because it can cause brain damage, hallucinations, and heart attacks. By providing our drug detox clients with the Suboxone alternative, we give them the best opportunities for a safe and effective detox experience.

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