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While we provide many detox and treatment options for clients seeking recovery from alcohol, we also include a drug detox facility as well. As the best drug detox facilities in the US, we offer client-customized detox programs, as well as a drug detox center that is private and secluded.

Our Detox Program for Drugs

Located in the rural countryside of south central PA, our drug detox center offers a private environment to detox from drugs safely and privately. Clients from across the country come to our drug detox center because it offers the peaceful seclusion and low-profile environment that appeals to many of our affluent or well-known clients.

luxury drug detoxOur drug detox program is designed for your privacy and convenience, with only 6 detox clients admitted at a time, and a number of relaxing, spa-like amenities to ease your detox experience. Keep in touch with your company via Wifi in one of our private or semi-private rooms, or take advantage of our infra-red saunas or massage therapy room.

For clients struggling with an addiction to drugs, we recommend using Suboxone treatments as opposed to ibogaine treatments. Ibogaine treatment facilities use this medicine to relieve the symptoms of withdrawal, however, recent research has shown that this treatment method can have negative side effects on the individual. Heart attacks, brain damage, paranoia, and short-term memory loss are just a few of the side effects of ibogine treatments. We use Suboxone to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal because Suboxone is a safe, FDA approved treatment method, and it does not produce a high that would be damaging to a client’s recovery process.Our drug detox centers include a 24/7 medical staff made up of nurses and physicians. These highly skilled detox professionals have direct communication with our Medical Director, so you can be sure that each and every one of our clients is receiving the most effective and individualized detox treatment and personalized care available.

Our Drug Rehab Program Offers Extended Treatment Options

After you have completed your stay at our drug detox facility, you can continue your journey to recovery at our drug and alcohol rehab center. With access to individual therapy sessions, holistic treatment methods, and 17 private and semi-private rooms, our drug addiction rehab center is the perfect place to develop a lifelong recovery plan. Our dedicated therapists and Recovery Support Staff will help you learn how to structure your free time in healthy ways, and give you the tools needed to embark upon a life-long recovery.

At our alcohol detox facility, we’re committed to making each client’s time in recovery as comfortable as possible so you can focus on your sobriety without any distractions. Enjoy daily gourmet dining, yoga, music and art therapies, and much more as you find your path to recovery at our facility. Call us today to learn more.

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