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Addiction Intervention

Alcoholism is a disease characterized by denial, deteriorating psychological and physical health, and an inability to stop drinking even after severe consequences result from alcohol abuse. If you have tried to help an addicted family member without success, it may be time to consider a staged intervention and alcohol detox help for your struggling relative.

Our team works with elite professional interventionists who can help your family plan an addiction intervention for your family member. Intervention specialists can help you design an intervention strategy that may prevent further abuse and get your loved one comprehensive addiction treatment to start rebuilding a safe and sober lifestyle.

What to Know About Intervention for Alcoholism

Intervention is one of the most powerful and effective tools you can use to convince your addicted family member to enroll in a rehab facility. During intervention, those who care for your loved one will confront him in a safe and controlled environment. These meetings can be extremely emotional for all participants. Your professional interventionist can help you and your family members stay focused on the most important goal: convincing your addicted loved one to enroll in residential treatment.

The best possible outcome occurs when your addicted family member agrees to enroll in treatment immediately following the meeting. Your interventionist will arrange transportation and help him get settled at our facility. This means you and your family members will need to address issues such as childcare, pet care, and other personal and professional obligations.

Keep in mind that many interventions appear, at first, to fail. If your loved one is so deeply in denial that he refuses to get help, try not to panic. Put into place the boundaries you established during the intervention and remember that many sober people consider a failed intervention the key reason sobriety became possible.

How Intervention Helps Families

It may be hard for you to understand why your loved one still drinks too much. Even when the signs and symptoms of alcoholism are clear to everyone else, alcohol has affected the ability of your struggling family member to make rational decisions, assess risk, remember, and understand feelings of pleasure and reward. The chemical changes that take place in the brain make it nearly impossible for someone who is addicted to accept a substance abuse problem exists.

You may have suggested your family member enroll in a detox facility, but with no luck. An intervention can help your family member realize that getting treatment is necessary, and that abusive behavior cannot continue. It can also allow those who participate in the alcohol intervention to establish important boundaries and consequences of continued abuse — while also providing a safe place to express love and support.

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