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People experiencing chronic pain or serious injury can at times become addicted to alcohol because the substance acts as a numbing agent. This can make it very difficult for people experiencing pain to quit drinking. Other alcohol-dependent people develop pain management concerns because they understand that the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol can become dangerous. Others still have pain management concerns because they’ve become addicted to their prescription pain medication and as tolerance builds up, it becomes more and more difficult to stop taking it.

At our alcohol detox facility, we offer detox with pain management accommodations so you can safely and comfortably detox from alcohol with minimal pain. Our detox with pain management programs are also highly effective at helping people overcome their addictions to prescription and non-prescription pain medications.

How Are Detox Programs for Pain Management Different?

Our detox facilities for pain management are different than normal detox programs because they take into account the unique needs of people in chronic pain. Every client with pain management concerns who comes to our detox facility receives a comprehensive assessment of his or her pain management requirements. Our alcohol detox for pain management then provides accommodations for the client’s pain based on those individual needs.

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Our medically supervised alcohol detox centers provide our clients with exceptional pain management services because our world-class detox staff is on-site 24/7. Whether you are experiencing pain from withdrawal symptoms or from an underlying medical condition, our physicians and nursing team will be close by to alleviate your symptoms and make your detox experience as comfortable as possible.

Detoxing from alcohol can be a dangerous process. Add to that the complications that arise from chronic pain problems and it becomes clear why seeking a detox with pain management programs is so important. At our alcohol detox facility, we understand that your pain management needs and your detox needs are unique to your specific situation. Using world-class treatment methods, we’ll help you complete alcohol detox while simultaneously managing your chronic pain.

Detox Centers with Pain Management for Withdrawal

Our detox programs for pain management are also highly effective at helping alcohol-dependent clients overcome severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms. When your body withdrawals from alcohol, shakiness, headaches, nausea, and seizures may occur. Some clients fear alcohol detox because they don’t want to experience the pain that can accompany alcohol withdrawal. Our alcohol detox with pain management programs are designed to alleviate these worries so you can detox from alcohol with minimal pain.

Pain Management for Prescription Drug Detox

When individuals are prescribed pain management drugs that have highly addictive properties some subsequently end up struggling with an addiction to those pain medications. Unfortunately this issue is now occurring more often in the United States than ever before. For clients who are struggling with an addiction to pain management drugs, our detox facilities for pain management can help you overcome your addiction while monitoring your levels of pain. Through exercise programs, non-addictive medical treatments, acupuncture, and massages, we’ll help you find your path to recovery comfortably and effectively.

For longer pain management programs focused on sobriety, clients can also continue their treatment while staying in our exclusive rehab center.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction and looking for an effective pain management program, call our alcohol detox facility now!

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