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Our alcohol and detox rehab centers offer the best of the best when it comes to alcohol addiction recovery. Our detox and rehab programs are tailored to the needs of our individual clients, offering the most customized alcohol treatment options available on the East Coast, or anywhere for that matter. Furthermore, the special features and amenities available to our alcohol detox and rehab center clients make each client feel at home and comfortable so he or she can remain solely focused on the goal of lifelong sobriety.

Customized Alcohol Detox and Rehab Treatments

At our alcohol detox center, we recognize that no two individual clients are the same. That’s why we provide client-tailored detox and rehab plans that meet the specific recovery needs of each client. Our holistic approach to alcohol detox and recovery means that we place great emphasis on the specific physical, social, mental, and spiritual needs of each client. We can then address what influencing factors are addiction triggers for our clients, and develop a recovery plan that targets those specifically.

holistic approach

Our inpatient treatment options for alcohol detox and rehab offer 90, 60, 30, and 14-day programs that clients can customize to their specific detox and recovery needs. Clients can also opt to stay longer or shorter based on their individual needs. Our alcohol rehab program includes individual addiction counseling each week, and clients have the option to choose up to 10 or 15 sessions per week. Addiction counseling sessions address the specific kinesthetic, auditory, and visual recovery needs of each client, allowing our staff to provide multidisciplinary approaches to your recovery process.

Our alcohol detox and rehab centers provide a multitude of treatment methods that go beyond addiction counseling and therapy. By engaging in basketball, tennis, art therapy, music therapy, yoga and meditation classes, and much more, our clients learn how to structure their free time in positive, healthy ways.

Customized Programs for Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Many individuals who struggle with addiction suffer from co-occurring mental health disorders, often referred to as dual diagnosis. To provide the best, most effective treatment for our clients, our physicians and therapists work with the utmost dedication to understand the nature of any co-occurring mental health problems.

Temporary mental health problems may sometimes manifest themselves as a result of addiction withdrawal. Depression is one of the most common of these. It is vitally important to understand if a person’s mental health disorder is an underlying factor in his or her addiction, or if the mental health disorder is a temporary result of addiction in order to develop an effective individual detox and rehab program. Our dedicated staff carefully assesses each dual diagnosis client’s needs, and provides additional accommodations and treatments if a co-occurring mental health disorder is present.

Along with offering the best alcohol detox and treatment programs in the U.S., our facility also offers highly individualize out of detox and/or rehab as smooth as possible while significantly decreasing the risk of relapse.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, contact our detox and rehab center today.


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