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Private Drug Rehab in PA Focused on Holistic Treatment

At our drug and alcohol detox facility, we offer a private experience that is individually tailored to our clients. It includes a medically-supervised detox program that ensures alcohol and drug rehab is being undertaken safely.  Our excellent, understanding staff helps support clients and addresses any needs or concerns that arise.

holistic approachOur alcohol and drug rehab facility recognizes that each person is unique. Just as no one’s personal history of addiction is the same, no one’s treatment is exactly the same. We embrace a holistic approach to treatment and take into account each client’s history, while also getting input from loved ones. We strive to meet the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our clients as they make a commitment to maintaining life-lasting sobriety — this is what we call holistic treatment.

Why Try Drug Rehab in Pennsylvania?

Whether you are located within driving distance of our drug rehab center in PA or you hope to get out of your area in order to focus on your recovery, our drug rehab facility has what you need. We are located in the rolling hills of South Central Pennsylvania. There are 17 rehab beds and 6 detox beds for our small community of clients.

We only allow a maximum of 17 guests at one time, which helps us protect our clients’ privacy. For high-profile clients in need of a more private space, we offer The Cottage — an exclusive on-site facility with six elegant rooms and private, en-suite baths.

Alcohol and Drug Detox Programs Customized for Each Client

Before the detox process begins, each client is examined by our medical staff. We will create a treatment plan based on each client’s unique needs. During the medically-supervised alcohol or drug detox program, our clients are supervised by doctors and nurses around the clock.

Only six clients are accepted into the alcohol and drug detox program at a time, resulting in high amounts of personal attention. Our alcohol and drug detox facility strives to guard clients’ privacy while providing them with a calming atmosphere that allows them to truly heal.

During drug detox, medicine may be used to help wean clients off certain substances. This offers a gradual and more comfortable process for the client. It can lessen the risk of serious withdrawal symptoms.

An Individual Approach to Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Our drug rehab center in Pennsylvania believes that effective treatment involves working on the underlying issues that contribute to each client’s addiction. Our holistic approach identifies those triggers and assists clients in learning how to recognize and deal with them — without the use of drugs or alcohol.

With an emphasis on total body wellness, we help our clients rebuild their lives by healing their minds from the stress of addiction. Our staff always moves beyond the physical aspects of addiction.

We offer a variety of treatment options, including:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Drug and alcohol counseling
  • Group sessions
  • Auditory, visual, and kinesthetic techniques
  • Psychotherapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Addiction Education

While cookie cutter programs can be effective at times, they are not nearly as effective as developing an individualized treatment plan the way we do at our drug rehab facilities. Not every client fits the same mold. The plan we come up with is based on your personal history, not what has worked for others in the past. We encourage family members to be involved in the healing process, and we are constantly reassessing your treatment plan based on your individual recovery.

Activities and Amenities at Our Drug Rehab Centers

Successful treatment for drug and alcohol addiction involves learning to re-engage with activities that give you pleasure in a healthy way. We provide a range of exciting activities for our clients to participate in at our facility. When you take part in an activity you enjoy, without using drugs or alcohol, it helps you learn that it is possible to find enjoyment soberly. It is an important and crucial step on the healing path.

amenities fitness

Whether your passion is golf or swimming laps, you can enjoy it while getting treatment. We offer a heated in-ground pool, a fully-equipped fitness center, a gourmet kitchen, access to a nearby golf course, a salon, four lounge areas, massages to assist with detox, and more.

We also emphasize self-expression with many of our amenities. Many clients re-discover activities they loved before they began their battle with addiction, such as art or music. These pursuits can help the individual struggling with addiction express the feelings and frustrations that become bottled up inside.

Learn more about the amenities offered at our facility.

Gaining the Strength for Recovery

Most clients stay at our alcohol and drug treatment center in PA for 30 to 60 days. However, you are free to extend your stay. Everyone’s path to recovery is different, and some clients benefit from a longer time in our care. We are there with you through every step, from sending a limousine to pick you up at the airport when you arrive to offering an aftercare program that provides support long after you have left our facility.

Like our treatment programs, our aftercare programs are tailored to you and your individual needs. Our aftercare programs may include:

  • Follow-up communications
  • Sessions with an outpatient counselor
  • Addiction counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Other extended care

The aftercare program is a way to help our clients continue their commitment to maintain sobriety.

Get the Best Addiction Treatment in Pennsylvania

Admitting you or a loved one needs help is never easy. At our alcohol and drug rehab, we understand how hard it is to take that first step. By providing resources to family and helping our clients identify the root causes of their struggle, our alcohol and drug rehab facility in PA shows clients what their healthy lifestyle will look like. We offer the guidance they need to achieve and maintain success in their recovery and beyond.

Contact our alcohol and drug detox facility today at 877-651-6771. We will help you begin your path to recovery.

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